Weekly Photo Challenge : Intricate

Computer programming is my everyday job being a Software Engineer. Never did it crossed my mind, how Intricate in itself the process of being able to talk to machines is.

At times with all the facial expressions and gestures its hard to express yourself to other persons. How unimaginable is the thought itself of commanding a computer to do certain things in a certain way.

Developing logic and programming itself comes naturally to some skilled people. But, the process which comes between putting your thought into programs is what I am talking about. Intricate it is, Isn’t it ?

This post is a tribute and my appreciation to the unnoticeable stage/process which goes while expressing yourself to a machine.

Man machine talks : Appreciable complex process

Thank you. See you next weekend.

Peace. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge : Motion

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Motion.”

I love how things could get interesting looking back. A retrspective. A past we have left behind overcoming all the odds. Sometimes kids tell us these things with simple actions of their own. Original.

We all move forward in life. We must think what we are leaving behind us. Many interpretations for this simple click.

I clicked this kid enjoying his ride while I have was riding. That was an instantaneous click. So, This is my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge.

A jolly kid sitting backwards on a bike. Shot this while I was riding.

A jolly kid sitting backwards on a bike. Shot this while I was riding.